I interned at KNBC Los Angeles for three semesters, from fall 2019 to summer 2020. Part of the spring was remote, as was the entire summer. The highlight of all three internships was pitching, writing, editing, producing and tracking this PKG and digital story for High School Football Coaches Face CIF Schedule Change

I ended the 2020 summer with a total of nine co-producer/producer credits on the air and online, including these:

Digital Story: Meet the Young Black Women Behind the OCProtests Instagram

I edited video content each week to promote sports anchor Fred Roggin’s “Going Roggin” weekend show on social media:

I also wrote, shot, edited and produced social media content every weekend to promote “Today in LA” as a morning news intern during fall 2019:

My experience in the fall also included writing, pitching and co-producing segments for “Today in LA,” including the following: